Difficulty Printing Need To Type Homework

Print assignment items

Printing assignment items can give you an opportunity to work out calculations on paper before you enter your answers online. Printable items contain text and images. Audio, video, and some drawing tool content may not lend itself to printing and working on questions. For example, any videos will print as a static image.

If print quality is not what you expected: Try printing darker or checking your printer driver. If available, try the PDF driver.

To print an assignment
  1. Open the assignment.
  2. Choose Print Assignment (bottom right) to open the print preview, which shows which items or parts of items will print. The assignment is reformatted so you can more easily scroll through it.

    • If you haven’t worked on the assignment yet: Any item Parts (A, B, etc.) not visible online until you complete the previous Part are also not visible in the print preview.
    • If you have worked on this assignment: Your answers and any answer feedback are included, provided your instructor allows you to see answer feedback on the assignment.
  3. Select Print (top right).
  4. Enter any needed information in your Print dialog box, and then choose Print or OK.

  5. Select Exit Print View (top left) to return to the assignment summary.


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Flashing lights. A strange jamming sound. Streaky pages. Crumpled paper.

We’ve all been there.

Working with a troublesome printer is something we can all relate to.

Whether you have attempted to print your latest essay, a business report, boarding pass, e-ticket or something else – we all know the frustration of a printer seemingly giving up on us. At times like these, we might as well have no printer at all!

Although some people take their printer hatred further than others.

Do you remember the printer destruction scene in the movie Office Space?


Despite this, home and office printers are still present in many homes and businesses. Although there has been a shift away from printer ownership in recent years, giving rise to online printing services.

Read on to find out more about the pros and cons of owning a printer, as well what to do if you don’t have a printer…

Home or office printers – the advantages

  • Print as and when you need to
  • Short run and quick
  • Easy to use once connected – just press ‘print’ on your document

Home or office printers – the disadvantages

  • On-going cost of ink cartridges
  • On-going cost of paper
  • Troubleshooting/replacing ink and paper
  • Compatibility with your devices (e.g. installing drivers when you get a new PC, connecting the whole office network etc.)
  • Quality may be variable
  • Only suitable for short runs
  • Lack of document binding facilities
  • Takes up valuable desk or office space

Have you decided that a home or office printer isn’t for you?

Congratulations on your decision. Now what happens after the break-up?


What to do if you don’t have a printer

Are you wondering how to print without a printer?

Curious about where and how to print your documents?

Don’t worry, as going it alone without a printer is completely do-able.

You have a few options:

1) Ask a friend or relative to print things for you

Great, it’s cheap but it may get tiresome, and it really isn’t feasible for large jobs.

2) Visit your local printers

Wondering where to print a document in your local area? Visiting your nearest print shop is an option.

This relies on transferring your documents to your USB stick and venturing down to the nearest print centre. Which may not actually be that local. Or maybe you can email your file over and pick it up at a later data. Either way, you need to consider the petrol, parking and other transport costs involved, as they are unlikely to deliver for small orders.

3) Handwrite everything

Do it the old fashioned way and hand write things instead. Copy important emails and information down into your jotter. Handwrite letters to clients. If you’ve got kids, make them write out their homework by hand instead. Sorted.

4) Become a typewriting hipster

Do your best hipster impression by exclusively using a typewriter. It’s not quite as portable as a laptop, but it’ll do.

5) Stop printing

Stop printing. Zilch. Nada. Go paperless. Save the environment, one sheet of paper at a time.

Make email and online messaging tools your best friend. Use apps for all your tickets, boarding passes, booking references, maps, directions and more.

6) Online document printing

Upload and order your document online, for delivery direct to your home or office. Doxzoo is one such service, offering fast 24/7 printing from just £0.03 per sheet.

Which option seems the most feasible to you?

As you can see, you have a range of options if you don’t have a printer. Some are a little more unconventional than others but either way, you can definitely get by without printer.

If you decide online printing is the way forward, give Doxzoo a try.

Register for a free account and you can save 20% on your first order!

Thanks for reading!

Let us know what works for you with a comment below, or tweet us at @doxzoo!

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