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Hello, I begin my dissertation in the new year need to have a firm topic in mind - I'm getting really stressed out with this as I work full time (degree is part time) and have a very busy home life. I would like to do something original - I live in Cumbria and in 2015 significant flooding affected the area leading to a £120m infrastructure recovery programme lead by the council, as I work for a local contractor I have been involved in this and would like to use this as a topic but not sure what angle to take? (NEC3, variations, impact on local economy, skills shortage, programme etc.)

I don't want to box myself in doing something too specific or niche, however all my experience is as a QS in small-scale civil engineering therefore I want to take on a topic I am familiar and comfortable with.

However, I am very interested in dispute resolution within Contract Law and would consider something in this area.

Any advice would be massively appreciated as I don't have much access to help and guidance where I am.

Thank you!

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