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1 26-Line Persuasive Essay
Tips and Tricks for a Great ScoreBenchmark : FebruarySTAAR : April 1st

2 1/23 – Persuasive Writing Create three columns in your journal KNOW
WANT to knowLEARNEDBullet information you know about persuasive writingBullet information you WANT to know about persuasive writingSave this for what you have learned


4 Let’s see some examples…
Read the following quotation. What I like about cities is that everything is king-size, the beauty and the ugliness —Joseph Brodsky Although large cities are exciting places to live, small towns have their own special characteristics. Think carefully about this idea. Write an essay stating your position on whether it is better to live in a large city or in a small town.

5 Directions…Be sure to — • state your position clearly • use appropriate organization • provide specific support for your argument • choose your words carefully • edit your writing for grammar, mechanics, and spelling

6 Page 2 Example…3

7 Page 2 Example…The writer of this satisfactory essay establishes the clear position that small towns are better than big cities. He uses a compare/contrast organizational strategy to focus on the negatives of living in cities (paragraph two) versus the positives of living in small towns (paragraph three). Within each body paragraph, the writer moves quickly from idea to idea, and the flow of the essay from sentence to sentence is not always seamless. However, the argument is largely convincing because the writer uses appropriate reasons and evidence. Specific word choice helps the writer establish a consistent persuasive tone, which contributes to the quality of the essay.

8 Page 3 Example…3

9 Page 3 Example…The writer immediately establishes a clear position that a big city provides the best career opportunities. The writer supports her position with appropriate examples taken from a movie and a television show. Both examples feature characters that relocate to big cities in search of careers in the arts. Although the writer’s synopsis of what happens to each character shows that the opportunity would not have been available in a small town, the overall development of her body paragraphs could be more specific (it was an opportunity she wouldn’t have received in her small town; the big city makes her dream of a career in dance one step closer). Overall, the strong focus, the controlled progression of ideas, and the good command of conventions outweigh the somewhat general development in this satisfactory writing performance.

10 Page 4 Example…4

11 Page 4 Example…In this concise, accomplished writing performance, the writer uses a compare/contrast organizing structure to develop the argument. He establishes a clear position in the last sentence of the first paragraph and maintains a tone that is appropriate to the persuasive task throughout the essay. Meaningful transitions (e.g., “The people are the seller, though”) and strong sentence-to-sentence connections make the writer’s train of thought easy to follow. The writer uses his own unique experiences as a basis for writing and connects ideas in interesting ways. For example, cities provide opportunities, from fresh fruit to social interactions, that small towns cannot provide. By recounting his discussion with a man on a bus, the writer effectively supports the idea that living in a city allows you to learn from all kinds of people. Purposeful and precise word choice further contributes to the quality and clarity of the essay.

12 Page 5 Example…2

13 Page 5 Example…Although the writer provides the clear thesis that he thinks living in a large city is better than living in a small town, the evidence he uses in paragraph two to support his argument is weakened by his focus on the negatives as well as on the positives of living in a large city. In paragraph three, the writer further weakens his argument by discussing the mostly positive aspects of living in a small town. Overall, these problems cause the argument to be largely unconvincing, demonstrating that the writer has only a limited understanding of the persuasive writing task.

14 Page 6 Example…4

15 Page 6 Example…In this thoughtful and engaging essay, the writer argues that small towns are better places to live because “you can actually know and love the people and places around you.” The argument is skillfully crafted because the writer combines cause/effect and compare/contrast organizational strategies, which are particularly well suited to the persuasive task. Using specific evidence, the writer develops the idea that, in small towns, people are truly connected to those around them, as opposed to city-dwellers, who sacrifice personal connections for convenience. The writer concludes the essay with a call to action, demonstrating a thorough understanding of the persuasive task. The specific word choice and overall strength of the conventions further contribute to the effectiveness of the essay.




19 Keep this in mind… Good writing starts with good thinking.
So pre-write!Quality > quantityEXPLAIN yourself CLEARLYAssume your reader has NO IDEA what you’re writing about!Being vague/general = low scoreALWAYS revise and edit your writing.

20 More Persuasive Tips Take a CLEAR position (and maintain it!)
You don’t have to be an expert in anything or have specific background knowledge to do well!Use detailed, specific examples to support your thinking (this is what STAAR Graders want to see!)Use a concession and a refutation!You may write in 1st (“I”) or 3rd (“They/he/she”) person as long as your writing is PERSUASIVE

21 Elements of a Persuasive Essay
HookThesisExamplesAnalysisConcessionRefutationCall to Action

22 HOOK Startling Statement Thematic Statement
All human beings are capable of the most gruesome crimes imaginable. It is only because of the customs and controls of civilization that people do not become savages.Thematic StatementIt is not the absence of fear that defines courage, but the ability of one to force oneself to take action in spite of fear.Embedded quote that relates to the topic of your paperNelson Mandela once gave an insightful speech where he explained that “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

23 TRANSITION Connect the Hook to the topic of your paper
This is a common misconception…While that may be true….Mandela accurately pointed out…This applies to…..Sentence stem: This connects to my paper because….

24 Claim (THESIS) ANSWER THE PROMPT (but do not repeat it!)
Take a side (make a CLAIM) and outline WHY you are taking that side

25 BODY PARAGRAPH 1 Topic Sentence = Set them up for your first point
SPECIFIC Evidence (explain in two sentences)Analysis (one sentence explaining how this supports your claim)

26 BODY PARAGRAPH 2 Topic Sentence = Transition into your second point…
(_____ is not the only instance where this is true….)Refer back to the previous paragraph and then move forward with the topicEvidence (two sentences)Analysis (one sentence)

27 BODY PARAGRAPH 3 Topic Sentence (introduce the counter argument)
Evidence (give example of counter argument)AnalysisThis is your refutationExplain why they are wrong and your point is still the strongest!

28 CONCLUSIONRefer back to the thesisEnd with a call to action

29 How do I effectively persuade with my evidence?
Use specific NON-FICTION examples: from your life, from your experience, from your knowledge about the world and modern life…News, current events, historyIf using FICTION, don’t choose an example that is too complicated to explain or not common knowledgeALWAYS WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW! Don’t use false evidence. Don’t make up facts or hypothetical situations.

30 NO NO NO NO “IF” “YOU” Do NOT address the reader
Do NOT state hypothetical situationsThese essays receive the LOWEST scoresEx. If you were to go to the store….Ex.2 – If Johnny had just picked up his water bottle…“YOU”Do NOT address the readerSTAAR readers get really offendedBreak this habit now – it is NEVER appropriate in academic writing

31 Practice PromptThink carefully about the following statement: “Some people define themselves by what they believe, while others allow their actions to speak for them.” Write an essay stating your position on which is more important: what a person thinks or what a person does.

32 Brainstorm What is your position? Do actions speak louder than words?
What EVIDENCE can you use to support your position?Think of your personal experiences, the news, current events, or history.Use YOUR knowledge about YOUR life and YOUR experiences. Use YOUR knowledge about the world around you.EXPLAIN your EVIDENCE CLEARLY SO YOU CAN BE UNDERSTOOD!

33 How can we improve this example?
For example, a lot of people posted about the ice bucket challenge. Just because people made a video doesn’t mean they did anything. People that donated money would actually help.

34 RevisionFor example, during the recent Ice Bucket Challenge which raised money for the ALS Association, many people participated by posting videos of the challenge on their social media. However, their participation did not ensure any difference to be made for those suffering from ALS. Those participants who took action and donated money to research for ALS were the real difference makers and contributed over $100 million dollars to the ALS Association in order to help them find a cure for victims of Lou Gehrig's Disease.

35 Recommended FormatThe 26-line essay is a shortened version of what you’ve ALREADY DONE before!Hook & Claim (Thesis)Ev1 Ev1 Analysis– 1st evidence & explanationEv1 Ev1 Analysis– 2nd evidence & explanationEv1 Ev1 Analysis– 3rd evidence & explanation (or concession & refutation)Conclusion – review thesis & call to action

36 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: “Honesty is always the best policy”?
Come up with 3 examples you could use to support your argumentConsider:Current eventsHistorical eventsPersonal experiencesFictional examples (well-known)

Guidelines On How To Write A 26-Line Expository Essay

When asked to write an expository essay, one must consider the topic and then set out devising a strategy. There are many reasons why one may be required to write this type of paper, most common being for a school assignment. You may also, at some point, find yourself in position that requires you to present your analysis about a particular topic or item and in most cases, this requires use of an expository essay.

There are many approaches one can take, however, if one simply follows the basics in construction of any analytic paper, one should be able to create a top quality paper in any style of their choosing. The following points will outline a simple guideline to writing a 26-line expository essay:

  1. Hypothesis
  2. The hypothesis may be the most important step in the construction of any good paper. This statement serves to drive ones actions by providing a testable place from which to proceed with the investigation. By making a solid statement, one can then proceed to test its parameters to allow them to clearly identify whether or not the statement is true.

  3. Introduction
  4. The introduction, like a first impression, is very significant in any paper, a mediocre introduction may guide your reader to another paper while a well done introduction can expand your reader base significantly. You can begin with your thesis statement, however this is not necessary, what is important is that your very first paragraph has the ability to provide the readers with information to make them want to read on.

  5. Evidence and methodology
  6. While everyone likes to learn something interesting, no one likes to be fooled or misled. This often sets apart well written papers from poor quality ones and so as a researcher, you must ensure that all of your information and experimental methods are approved by academic societies.

  7. Analysis and presentation
  8. Feel free to employ a second opinion as you try to decipher exactly what the information you have gathered could mean. Make use of any visual display methods, like graphs and bar charts, to help you to better communicate information to your readers.

  9. Conclusion
  10. You have gathered all the information and analyzed it completely to figure out exactly what it all means, it is now time to present your findings. The conclusion is a brief statement that clearly tells the reader the results of all the information you have gathered and experimentation done.

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