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    1/16-1/19: In-class notes & discussion on psychology background, definitions, phobias (biological causes). Begin watching This Emotional Life: Facing Our Fears.
    HW: bring film notes to continue next class
    1/22-1/26: continue discussion of phobias & categories of disorders. Continue "Facing Our Fears" & notes: PTSD. 

    1/25/18: film notes part 2: PTSD & depression treatments. Discussion of depression & definitions
    1/27/18: students as psychologists (activity: giving advice to people in distress). Notes on the brain & brain functions.
    All notes were collected for film "This Emotional Life"
    1/31/18: finish brain function notes & review for quiz #1
    2/2/18: QUIZ #1 & This Emotional Life documentary with notes
    2/5-2/9/18: development psychology unit
    ____: finish "Wild Child" film and complete notes
    ____: learning & conditioning notes, social psychology experiments (video)
    ____: Kahoot review for developmental psych quiz. Continue notes on social psychology
    ____: QUIZ #2 developmental psych (Erikson, Piaget, Kohlberg stages of development) 
    ____: continue learning social psychology, motivation and emotion
    _____: review for social psychology, motivation and emotion QUIZ
    ____: continue studying disorders and begin topic research for presentations.
    ____: begin presentations. All presentations should be submitted via Googleclassroom by the deadline given.
    ____: continue presentations. 
    ____: finish all presentations & A Beautiful Mind film and film notes.
    ____: review for final exam

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