Exchange Program Reflection Assignment

Encouraging reflection before, during & after programs

“We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience.”― John Dewey

Study abroad has the potential to deeply impact how students views themselves and their place in the world. In order to achieve this transformative change, space for reflective activities and processing before, during and after a program needs to be created. Reflection helps students critically process what they experiencing, can help encourage identity development in relation to the host country context, provides an important outlet when students encounter challenging situations and helps the blending of academic content with personal experience.

This article highlights the usefulness of student research journals and reflective field exercises in study abroad courses. The author discusses how combining modes of writing provides a venue for negotiating and contextualizing unexpected and uncomfortable encounters in the field and encourages self-reflection for both students and instructors. The author came to several conclusions including the fact that reflexivity must be planned and does not emerge unprompted. This article can be useful for program directors to read when deciding how to incorporate reflexivity into their programs and syllabi.


Our GLObewriters are students who are currently overseas and sharing their experiences through their writing. Check back here for their thoughts, tips and stories throughout their journeys!

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“In the end, it's been the "say yes" attitude that's given me the best experience, as great opportunities arise all the time, every day.”


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The Global Society is a membership based organisation for globally-minded Australian university students like you. Members are comprised of students who are about to depart on an overseas study experience, students who are currently studying overseas and students and professionals who have returned from overseas study.

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