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After School

Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota, hosts KIDSTOP, a child care program for students in grades K-6 that is offered in the eight elementary schools and runs from the end of the school day until 6:00 pm. In some cases, all day child care is also provided when school is not in session. Students can participate in many activities including Power Hour homework help, computer access, gym activities, outdoor games, arts and crafts or just hanging out with friends. For more information, please contact your child’s school or the Boys and Girls Club at 320-252-7616.

Después de la Escuela

En colaboración con los programas de Boys and Girls of Central Minnesota (Niños y Niñas de Minnesota Central) y KIDSTOP, se ofrece el programa en las escuelas para estudiantes en los grados K-6 en ocho escuelas primarias que comienza al fin del día escolar hasta las 6:00 pm. En algunos casos, se ofrece el cuidado de niños cuando aún no hay clases. Los estudiantes pueden participar en muchas actividades incluyendo el Power Hour – Hora de Poder, acceso a computadora, actividades de gimnasio, juegos al aire libre, artesanías, o simplemente pueden pasar tiempo con sus amigos. Para más información, contacte a la escuela de su hijo, o al Boys and Girls Club al 320-252-7616.

Iskuulka Kadib

Iyadoo lala kaashanayo Boys and Girls of Central Minnesota, degmada742 ayaa waxay qabataa barnaamijkka layiraahdo KIDSTOP, barnaamijka daryeelka ilmaha, ee ardayda fasalada K- 6, kasoo laga bixiyo siddeeda Iskuul ee hoose dhamaadka waqtiga Iskuulka maalinti ilaa 6:00 p.m. Mararka qaarkood, dhammaan daryeelka ilmaha maalinti ayaa waxaa sidoo kale la bixiyaa marka Iskuulada aysan jirin. Ardayda waxay ka qayb qaadan karaan hawlaha badan oo ay ka mid yihiin gargaarka caawimaadka shaqada guriga , helitaanka isticmaalka kambiyuutarka, hawlaha jirdhiska, cayaaraha dibadda , iyo fanka iyo farsamada ama lasocodka saaxiibada. Wixii macluumaad dheeraad ah , fadlan la xiriir Iskuulka ilmahaaga ama Naadiga Boys and Girls Club (Naadiga Wiilasha iyo Gabdhaha) lambarka ah: 320-252-7616.

Kindergarten Information

Our kindergarten program is designed to help your child learn the skills to begin a lifetime of successful learning.

Learn how to register for Kindergarten.

Elementary School Information

Our elementary schools offer a wide array of programs that will build a strong foundation for your child to realize their full potential.

Learn how to register for elementary school.

French Immersion Registration

Our French Immersion program gives students the confidence they need to interact and communicate in French. Your child can earn a certificate in French Immersion through our Early French Immersion or Extended French Immersion programs.

Learn how to register for French Immersion.

International Student Registration

Our school communities offer a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment for international students and their families. Our schools focus on academic excellence and offer a wide range of arts, sports and clubs. We welcome newly arrived Canadians and international students to register for school in Thames Valley.

Language support is offered in all of our elementary schools. Four secondary schools in London offer full English as a Second Language (ESL) programs and it is also available in some areas outside of London.

To register as an international student, contact our International Admissions Officer.

Register for elementary or secondary school in the safe, clean, and beautiful city of London, Ontario, as an international student.

You can enjoy the authentic Canadian experience while learning with us for a semester, a full year, or until you earn your high school diploma.

Learn more about registering for our Study Canada program.

Secondary School Information

Our secondary schools offer academic excellence, innovative arts programs and excellent athletic activities. Every student is different and we are changing the way secondary education is delivered in order to meet their academic needs.

Learn how to register for secondary school.

Reception, Orientation and Assessment Centre (ROAC)

We welcome and introduce newly arrived Canadians to our schools and communities through the Reception, Orientation and Assessment Centre.

Before you start school, you need a language assessment and an interview so that we can recommend the best programs and placements for you.

You will also be introduced to the City of London as well as the resources and services that are available to you.

To visit the Reception, Orientation and Assessment Centre, call 519-452-2000 extension 61402 or email

Settlement Workers in Schools Information (SWIS)

Settlement workers play an important role in welcoming newly arrived Canadians to our community by reaching out to parents and students to help them with their needs.

They provide newcomer families and students with information on:

  • Learning English
  • Looking for a job
  • Housing
  • Finding a doctor or dentist
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Other settlement needs

The Settlement Workers in Schools program is provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and involves three community agencies; the London Cross Cultural Learner Centre, LUSO Community Services and South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre.

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