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The Pit And The Pendulum: Movie Vs. Book Essay

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The Pit and the Pendulum: Movie vs. Book

The movie "The pit and the Pendulum" was nothing at all like the book. The movie started out as a man walked along the ocean to enter a huge castle. His sister had moved there when she married Dom Madena, but now she was dead. The castle was used to torture Catholics during the Inquisition. Dom Madena believes that the castle has an atmosphere of torture thick with death, and that led to the death of his sister. The doctor said she died of fright. They buried her in a tomb below the castle.
As child Dom Madena saw his father torture and kill his father's brother and his own wife. He accused them of adultery. His father didn't torture his mother to death, he buried her alive. Dom Madena…show more content…

Nicholas seized him and put him on table below a razor sharp pendulum. Right as it was cutting his shirt two servants busted in and threw Nicholas into the pit with the doctor and saved him.
     This movie, I think anyway, was a very poor interpretation of the short story. In the story none every commits adultery or is buried alive. A man, or woman for all I know, was stuck in a dungeon which he was tortured in many ways.
None died in the book, but in the movie three people died. The book had one character where the movie had seven or eight. The story line in the book of a suffering catholic being tortured to death was altered to make a script for a movie. The only likeness was when the two men were almost killed by the falling pendulum, but saved at the last minute either by others or themselves. In the end of the book the walls of iron are heated and start to push together. But right before the person dies a French general grabs him because Toledo was just taken by the French.
     The pit in the book was a hole in the middle of the cell. The captive almost fell in it when the room was pitch black. When the walls were caving in he could of chose the pit or the hot iron walls. The pit is supposed to be the ultimate death in the dungeon and the captive doesn't want to die in it.
     The movie and the story were so different that if I watched the movie and read the story

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Minority Report: Film vs. Short Story Essay

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Minority Report: Film vs. Short Story

Mutant humans, nicknamed precogs, have visions of future crimes. An entire police force is dedicated to interpreting these visions and catching the future criminals before they commit these foreseen crimes. Commissioner John A. Anderton was the creator of this institution called Precrime in New York City and has a strong pride in his work. Everything had seemed to be a success, there had not been a murder for five years, but it all starts to fall apart when the precogs have a vision of Anderton committing a murder of a man he has never met before, named Leopold Kaplan. The commissioner believes he has been set up by a young man, Ed Witwer, who will be taking Anderton’s place when he…show more content…

The precogs are not mutant humans, but are praised as wonderful beings. John Anderton was not the creator of Precrime, Director Lamar Burgess and Iris Hineman were the “mother and father” of Precrime. Anderton’s pride in Precrime came from a previous experience he had with the kidnapping of his only child. His wife, Laura (not Lisa), separated from him and lived near a beach away from Anderton and Precrime, but in Dick’s story they are married and she works at Precrime with John. Danny Witwer (not Ed) is an FBI investigator, not Anderton’s replacement, who enters the film to discover flaws in the Precrime system, specifically human flaws. The precogs vision of Anderton’s future murder depicts him killing a man he does not know, but the man is Leo Crow, not Leopold Kaplan. Anderton, in the film, still believes he is being set up and goes on a quest, which is drawn out more than in the short story containing encounters with new characters and full of dramatic actions. Anderton kidnaps Agatha (not Donna), the female precog who supposedly holds Anderton’s minority report. He discovers, as he does in the short story, that he does not have one, but his curiosity gets the best of him and he continues to find who he is supposed to kill. Eventually, he ends up at the place in the foreseen crime and finds pictures of his kidnapped son with a strange man. Thinking this Leo Crow is responsible for the disappearance of Sean, Anderton decides he is going to kill him.

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