Chem 2oa3 Assignment


Instructor(s): Jim McNulty


CHEM 1AA3; and one of CHEM 2OA3, CHEM 2OC3, CHEM BIO 2OA3





Course Overview

This is an extension of CHEM 2OA3 with 

Required Materials

Organic Chemistry, Klein - Textbook (optional but highly recomended)

Model Kit - Optional (not as useful as 2OA3)

Lab Notebook - Manadatory (can be the same as one from 2OA3 or 1A03/1AA3)

Wiley Plus - Optional (online homework that comes with textbook or can be purchased separetely)

Course Content

Course cover chapter 11 to 24 of Klein's Organic Chemistry. Topics include radicals, alcohols, aromaticity, carbonyl chemistry (ketones, aldehydes, carboxylic acids derivatives and alpha carbon), amines and carbohydrates (very briefly at the end of the course)

The focus of the course is really reactions, mechanisms and synthesis. Only new spectroscopic technique is UV-Vis (its never testes). Course builds on the principle from 2OA3, so a strong foundation is quite helpful.


15% - Labs

15% - Assignments (2 of them),

20% - Midterm

50% - Exam

Alternative Marking Schemes (You automatically get which ever  scheme gives you the best grade)

3% - Wiley Plus, reduces Assignments weight to 12%

70% - Exam, reduces Midterm to 0%

Other Useful Information

Go to class. Seriously, despite the many rumors that you don't learn anything in class, its a great place to figure out what content if more likely to be tested and any tricks that aren't mentioned in the textbook. (With Dr. McNulty the majority of the exam was written the way he taught orgo, not the way the textbook did. Hence not going to class made the exam challenging for some)

Stay caught up. Orgo is not as bad as people would have you think. In fact the course can be relatively easy if you manage to stay caught up. I recomend reading the chapter before its covered in class. Then doing the relevant problems for that chapter after its covered in class. Learning the content is not enought to do well, you need to do questions until simple ones become second nature. Then you can foucs your energy on hard questions.

Try to enjoy the class. I know this may be hard to do, but its much easier to study something you enjoy than something you despise.

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Overall Rating

Workload (Low to High)
Assumed Knowledge (Low to High)
Overall Experience (Negative to Positive)

Course Outline: CHEM 2OB3 Year: Jan. 2015 Title: Organic Chemistry II Instructor: Dr. J. McNulty Office: ABB-262 e-mail: [email protected]Lab Dr. Greg Bahun coordinator: Office: ABB-301 e-mail: [email protected]Content: Survey of fundamental reactions used to construct organic molecules, with emphasis on reaction mechanisms. The course includes an introduction to functional group interconversions, synthesis and construction of complex organic molecules. Multi-functional molecules such as sugars and amino acids will be studied. Textbook: Klein, D. Organic Chemistry, 1 st or 2 nd ed. (Available in bookstore). Detailed CHEM 2OB3 is a continuation of CHEM 2OA3. Material will cover the Description: structures, preparation and reactions of organic molecules containing alcohol, ether, aromatic, carbonyl and amino groups. We will cover chapters 11-14 and 17-25 of the textbook, inclusive. We will also continue to develop your expertise in structure determination using spectroscopic techniques as appropriate. Other A chemical model kit (Available in bookstore) Resources: Orion online learning: strongly recommended but optional web-based self-assessment tool; students who opt for this may get part of their assignment marks from this tool. A duplicate lab notebook (Available in bookstore); goggles; lab coat Prerequisite(s): CHEM 1AA3 ; and one of CHEM 2OA3 , CHEM 2OC3 , CHEM BIO 2OA3 Antirequisite(s): CHEM 2BB3, CHEM 2OD3 , CHEM BIO 2OB3 Not open to students registered in Honours Chemical Biology. 3 Lectures/week 5 Laboratories every other week 5 Tutorials every other week 1 Mid term and 1 Final exam scheduled by the Registrar’s office Evaluation: Assignments (2), Orion: 15% (7.5/7.5 OR 6/6/3) Labs: 15% Midterm Exam: 20% Final Exam: 50%

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