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I applied through an employee referral. The process took 4 weeks. I interviewed at Amazon (Seattle, WA).


Two phone screens, five hour onsite with eight different employees including hiring manager, peers and others outside the team. 95% of interactions were based on computer-generated questions that are meant to gather data on your alignment with company leadership principals. 5% actual human interaction, which is not factored into decision. Interview process is cold and robotic, as you are carefully recounting stories in a dry, repetitive format, while the interviewer feverishly attempts to write down every word you say. This is the case for both phone screens and in-person interviews, which is even more strange and uncomfortable. Two to four page writing sample based on the same bank of leadership principal questions is required to be submitted two days prior to onsite interview.

Received coaching from former Amazon employee, did extensive research, including preparing six pages of case studies and career vignettes. Made it to onsite interview, and felt that the interviews went very well (considering the extremely dry and impersonal format) and that I gave strong answers to each question. Was notified by email the next morning after the onsite that the hiring manager was going to "pursue other candidates." No additional feedback was provided and recruiter blew off scheduled follow up call.

Putting aside the feeling of rejection that naturally comes with not getting the job, I ultimately came away from this experience turned off by the culture and process. After a few days I felt relieved that I would not have to address the many concerns this process raised for me, including work/life balance, "fast-walking" everywhere and a generally high-pressure culture. In this next career move my goals is to accomplish great things with fun, passionate people who are smarter than me and that I can learn from. I did not get that impression from the people I met with.

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Essay on Interview to a Senior Citizen

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Interview to a Senior Citizen
Mary Gilbert
May 14, 2012

Interview to a Senior Citizen Having the opportunity of interviewing a veteran from the World War II and Pearl Harbor has been the most rewarding experience I have had in a long time. He is ninety-two years old and it is amazing to see how good he still looks. I have known him since my family and I moved to Fort Campbell, KY. He has an amazing spirit and everyone in the neighborhood knows him and respects him. He did not hesitate for a moment to agree to this interview. I had the opportunity to see family albums, photos from the World War II and Pearl Harbor, his time in the Navy and all the commemoration…show more content…

This experience taught me the importance of every stage in life and how one person’s experiences can make you see things with a different perspective. After interviewing him I felt motivated and stronger to deal with my own situations in my family. Like I mentioned earlier my husband came home recently and it has been a struggle to get everything back to normal.

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Appendix A
Interview Questions: 1. Where were your born?
I was born in Austin, TX on February 2nd, 1920. 2. What is your age?
92 (son answered) 3. What was your family composition? Siblings? How many?
We were 10, my parents and 8 of us, 6 boys and 2 girls. 4. Did your parents stayed married?
Yes, for 47 years my mom passed when she was 67 my dad lived until he was 89. 5. Where did you go to school? What was your last degree obtained?

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