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The ‘Reunion’ is a short story. It’s written by the great writer John Cheever and it was published in 1962 and is a part of his collection ‘The stories of John Cheever’. Cheever’s dad was a salesman, who failed and became an alcoholic, same was Cheever’s uncle. Instead of start drinking Cheever chose to see another way of life and started writing and he became one of the greatest writers in the 60’s. Most of his stories were about middle and upper class men from Manhatten. His short stories became some of the most iconic stories and were about a typical ‘New Yorker’ in the 50’s and 60’s. John Cheever died 1982 in New York.
‘Living with strangers’ was an essay written by Siri Hustvedt. He is an American writer, who writes Novels and essays. She has made several of books, where she collected all of her novels, essays and poems. ‘Living with strangers’ was published in 2002. Siri Hustvedt is still alive and today she’s 59 years old.
The theme in ‘Reunion’ is mostly family issues, the bad behavior from educated people to less educated people and alcoholism.
The ‘Reunion’ Is written in in the view of Charlie, who is the main character in the short story. He is talking about his last time, that he saw his dad ‘The last time I saw my dad’. That means it’s a story told as if it was a flashback, since he is thinking back in the time.
We do not get any exact age of Charlie, but he describes himself as a boy. We know that he’s on a train ‘I was going from my grandmother ‘ I wrote my father that I would be in New York between trains for an hour and a half’. We also know, that his parents are divorced and they’ve been divorced for approximately three years and this was the first time he went to see his dad for three years. The short story is called ‘Reunion’ because of the reunion Charlie and his father is having.
We know that the father is the upper-middle class, he is a well-educated man. You can see that on his behavior and that he has a secretary who writes to Charlie, when they discuss the arrangement. He’s the kind of man, that most ‘kids’ dreams about to be and same does Charlie. ‘I knew that when I was grown I would be something like him’.
As most of his other stories, this one also take places in New York City. The father starts up by trying to impress Charlie. He takes him to the best restaurants in the town, but it doesn’t go very well. He doesn’t really know what and how to talk with his son. The father acts very disrespectful and is very rude to the waiters at the restaurants they’re visiting and that’s probably because of the alcohol ‘I smelled my father the way my mother sniffs a rose. It was a rich compound of whiskey and after-shave lotion’. That is a clear sign on alcoholism if you smell like whiskey. The way he acts annoys and disgust Charlie and he doesn’t want to see him anymore.
The story ends where the reunion took place, at the station. Charlie decides that he never wants to see his father again. That is probably also where Charlies decides to start a new chapter of his life.

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Temple University Reunion Essay - With A Free Essay Review

PROMPT: Imagine you have graduated from Temple University. You are preparing to attend your 10-year reunion, and the alumni office has asked you to write a one-page essay about your personal and professional accomplishments since graduation. What would yours say.


Temple University, just as I remember it, always setting an example for innovation. Temple University has always been known as a cultural diverse school with great academics, over 300 student organizations, Division I Athletics, and more. Flexibility is the aim within Temple University, both on campus and in classrooms. This flexibility has contributed in advance to my accomplishments of today, and I am sure the same for the alumni here today. Please allow me to back up and recognize the Alumni Department and Activities Director for all of the welcoming events they have had for us throughout this weekend. Places such as Liacouras Walk and Broad Street have rekindled our memories at Temple University and we, Class of 2016 TempleOwls, Thank You.

So again I say Welcome, Welcome, Welcome class of 2016 TempleOwls, I am Kudirat Shoda, proud alumni of the Ladies of Elegance Step Organization, the Organization for African Students, the Organization for Nursing Students, and the Having Ambition N’ Devotion Students Organization. Temple University has provided multiple opportunities through these organizations, such as scholarships, internships, and beneficial networks. Because Temple University provided these opportunities it has given me the professional accomplishment of attaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, a Registered Nursing License, and a Juris Doctor and Master of Social Work degree. For about six years now I have been a Nurse Attorney at Jones Day law firm located in Los Angeles, California, and I must say I love my job.

Senior year of high school, I wasn’t really sure of what I wanted to major in. Growing up I’ve always known that I wanted to be a lawyer. Because of the economy’s inconsistency, I began searching for careers that were stable and could still apply my aptitudes in the work. Like it was yesterday I remember, having a guest speaker in my Human Services 3 class; she was a labor and delivery nurse. In this class, we always had nurses, doctors, and nurse practitioners, everyone from the hospital about every month, my junior year. ** NOT FINISHED YET **



I think your introduction is too verbose. You're almost two paragraphs in before you start addressing the substance of the prompt. And while it's not a bad idea to include a few introductory words appropriate to the imagined occasion of a speech, the emphasis there should be on the word "few"; that is, I would suggest, one sentence rather than a whole paragraph, and if you want that sentence to say "welcome," then one “welcome” would be better than three (and there's no need to capitalize the word).

Let's look at a couple of specific sentences:

"Temple University has provided multiple opportunities …. Because Temple University provided these opportunities it has given me the professional accomplishment of attaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, a Registered Nursing License, and a Juris Doctor and Master of Social Work degree. "

In these sentences you are attributing your ability to graduate to scholarships, internships and networks. That's a bit odd. The clause "it has given me the professional accomplishment of attaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree" is a good example, also, of the verbosity you worry about. "I graduated with a BS in Nursing (if that is what it's called)" is the concise way of saying that.

"For about six years now ..." This is where your essay, as an answer to the prompt, really begins, and ends. It's the only sentence that relates directly to what you have done after college (unless one counts your reference to JD degree), for your next paragraph deals with things that happened before college. I think it's all right to say a few (i.e., a FEW) words about why you wanted to go to Temple in the first place, but your focus should presumably be on life after graduation. If you're planning on studying law after earning your undergraduate degree, then that would count as part of your response to the prompt. But make the point clear. Normally what one would say in an essay like this is something like "After graduating, I studied law." Sure, that's oversimplifying things. But at the moment, your essay, in my view, commits the worse crime of over-complicating things. I suggest you start over, and keep the task of explaining clearly what you (will) have been up to at the forefront of your mind. And keep it simple.

Language note: I would, if I were you, refer to myself as an alumna of Temple University but as a former member of the organizations of which you (will) have been a member. (Alumna: female graduate; Alumnae: female graduates; Alumnus: male graduate; Alumni: graduates.)

Best, EJ

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