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The fancyhdr package provides an easy and flexible way to customize the page style. Furthermore, the package makes it easy to define new page styles. In this post, I will briefly show how to define an alternative page style in general and illustrate two possible applications including complete code examples:

  1. Different page style in the appendix
  2. Different page style for chapter title pages

I assumes that you are familiar with . Otherwise, take a look at this post or the documentation.


Defining an alternative page style

allows the definition of alternative page styles through the command.

\fancypagestyle{mypagestyle}{% %pagestyle definition }

The alternative page style can then be used for a specific page or a range of pages, until it is changed back (e.g. to ).

\thispagestyle{mypagestyle} \pagestyle{mypagestyle} ... \pagestyle{fancy}

I will illustrate both with an example, starting with the latter.


1. Alternative appendix page style

To keep things simple, I defined a new page style that has an empty header. assures a smooth transition between the two page styles. Otherwise, the last page of the main body might already have the new page style.

changes chapter names and numbering, but it not required for the example to work.

\documentclass[12pt, twoside, openany]{report} \usepackage{fancyhdr, blindtext} \fancypagestyle{appendix}{% \fancyhead{} \renewcommand{\headrulewidth}{0pt} } \setlength{\headheight}{15pt} % fixes \headheight warning \begin{document} \pagestyle{fancy} \tableofcontents \chapter{Main body chapter} \Blindtext\Blindtext \clearpage \appendix \pagestyle{appendix} \chapter{Appendix chapter} \Blindtext\Blindtext \end{document}

Main body page style:

Appendix page style with empty header:


2. Alternative chapter title page style

The page style for chapter title pages is set by redefining the command, adding . Defining a new page style is not different from the previous example and therefore omitted here. I just use the standard page style. The header for non-numbered (starred) chapters has to be set manually using .

I copied the code to redefine from tex.SX.

\documentclass[12pt, twoside, openrany]{report} \usepackage{fancyhdr, blindtext} %Redefine chapter by adding fancy as the chapter title page page-style \makeatletter \let\stdchapter\chapter \renewcommand*\chapter{% \@ifstar{\starchapter}{\@dblarg\nostarchapter}} \newcommand*\starchapter[1]{% \stdchapter*{#1} \thispagestyle{fancy} \markboth{\MakeUppercase{#1}}{} } \def\nostarchapter[#1]#2{% \stdchapter[{#1}]{#2} \thispagestyle{fancy} } \makeatother \setlength{\headheight}{15pt} % fixes \headheight warning \begin{document} \pagestyle{fancy} \tableofcontents \chapter{Some chapter} \Blindtext\Blindtext \clearpage \chapter{Some other chapter} \Blindtext \clearpage \chapter*{Some non-numbered chapter} \Blindtext\blindtext\blindtext \clearpage \chapter*{Some other non-numbered chapter} \Blindtext \end{document}

Numbered chapter title page with header:

Non-numbered chapter title page with header:

Like this:



Bibliography with footer using fancyhdr

Postby trollhunter » Tue Dec 09, 2008 9:36 pm


I have a rather stupid problem with the bibliography of a document where I want a footer created using fancyhdr to be displayed.
The problem is that, the footer does not appear on the bibliography page and the page number is displayed.
I tried to change the bibliography style from plain to fancy using \bibliographystyle{fancy} but it does not work.
Googling and reading the fancyhdr doc did not solve the problem.
The footer displays fine in the cover page which is created manually without using \maketitle as well as in the rest of the document.
Rationale for manually creating this page is that the end readers are more used to MS Word output than the LaTeX one
I also payed attention to place \usepackage{fancyhdr} after the \usepackage{geometry} one.
Commenting out the nocite makes no difference.
The TeX distribution I am using is macTex with the TexShop environment.
Please find attached a sanitized version of the document's root file.

Thanks in advance,
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