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Adolescence And Early Adulthood Essay

Adolescence is often considered a time of confusion, rebellion, and problems. While this can occur, most people emerge from adolescence without any problems and successfully navigate the changes that accompany adolescence. Researchers do seem to agree that there are a lot of changes that take place during adolescence, but it does not always mean that it is an unpleasant time in the lives of humans (Santrock, 2011). As children enter adolescence they will experience neurological, hormonal, and physical changes. It is also important to consider the psychosocial development of adolescents and how it can be influenced by these biological changes as well as the environment that the adolescent is experiencing. Many of the changes that adolescents experience are the result of a combination of factors and the interaction of biology and the environment.

Neurological Changes

Many times the focus on neurological development is during the early childhood years of development. Such rapid changes take place during early childhood, it is many times the focus of clinicians and academics, but very significant changes also take place during adolescence as well (Rutter, 2007). One of the most interesting neurological changes that are observed in adolescents is that the connections between neurons continue to be refined through pruning (Rutter, 2007). The amount of brain matter tends to increase throughout childhood, but a decline in grey matter is found in adolescence due to pruning of the synaptic connections (Rutter, 2007). Pruning is typically discussed as a major event that occurs in early childhood after the proliferation of connections made during infancy (Santrock, 2011). Research indicates that significant pruning and refinement of synaptic connections also occurs during adolescence (Rutter, 2007). As with the pruning that occurs in childhood, the connections that are not utilized by the adolescent are pruned while areas of the brain that are utilized continue to strengthen connections (Rutter, 2007).

In addition to the changes between synaptic connections, brain structures also set the hormonal changes that occur during puberty into motion (Rutter, 2007). These hormonal changes that are set into motion by the brain are responsible for the sexual maturity that is achieved during adolescence (Rutter, 2007). It has been suggested that the increase in activity in the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, as well as the adrenal gland which causes increases in cortisol, can interact with stress to cause depression and other psychological disorders (Gunnar, et al., 2009). Gunner, et al. (2009) indicate that adolescence can be a time where people are at significant risk for the development of psychological disorders. While many adolescents will emerge from adolescence without developing a disorder, it is an important time for parents, clinicians, and educators to watch for signs of potential disorders that can develop.
In addition to these...

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Essay on Young and Middle Adulthood Case Studies

In the stages of early adulthood to middle adulthood, there are many changes that often takes place in a person’s life. In early adulthood there are often many choices like choices like leaving home, choosing a career, and finding oneself and establishing adult relationships. It is important to understand that in middle adulthood, there are many issues that have to be settled in our ways and these situations often occur such as spousal death, getting married and divorce.

Tina is 45 year female that has three children. She has relationships with three children that has grown into intimate relationships. It is of the essence to understand that throughout one’s life relationships change (Shikamoto & Kumamoto, 2002).

Tina’s relationships have changed from adulthood. Tina’s three adult children live in the house with her. Throughout a person’s life changes and so does relationship. This can often be caused by many social factors, and environmental factors. In case of Tina, it is important to note that her ex-husband left her for a younger woman.

Her roles have changed from early to middle adulthood and they will continue to change with different relationships. Tina’s intimate relationship involves physical appearance, and she works as a High school teacher and is a committed her gym routine to four hours a day. She loves her children intimately but this cannot be said to be true of her ex-husband (Frank, 2015).

They have a cold relationship where they do not talk or interact regularly. In fact, their relationship can be said to be aggressive as there is a lot of uncertainty in the relationship.

The main role changes that have occurred in Tina’s life is that she has been forced to be a mother and a father to the children. Further, her self esteem after the divorce took a turn for the worst. She cared more about her appearance and she wanted to look beautiful and more attractive as compared to before. This can be said to be the biggest role change that occurred in her life after the incident. It is important to note that indeed there were different relationships that were crushed after the divorce such as those with the ex-husband’s relatives (Shikamoto & Kumamoto, 2002).

Tina has several destructive habits that in the long run will affect the relationship with others. For example, the obsession that she has with exercising in order to look good is a destructive habit. This is especially affecting the relationship that she had with Michael, who she has been dating for around for five years (Peterson, 2014). It is important to note that Michael indeed wants to Marry Tina but he has second thoughts because of her lifestyle. There is no time in the relationship and this will go on and ruin it.

However, it is of the essence to understand that indeed there are several problems that come with this lifestyle. Firstly, she does not create time for herself and this poses a major challenge towards her well-being and the relationship that she has with others. Secondly, there is also the issue of obsession. She is fixated with getting healthy that she forgets that indeed other things in life do exist. This is a situation that should be remedied as it includes destructive habits that with time affect her relationship with other persons.

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The healthy habits include eating healthy, being a non-smoker, drinking alcohol in moderation and the maintenance of a healthy weight and are important measures in staying healthy when one becomes old. Therefore, these can be said to constitute some of the early healthy habits and researchers have found out that early adulthood often leads to low risk of cardiovascular disease in middle age (Shikamoto & Kumamoto, 2002). These healthy habits should be done with a schedule in order not to affect the relationship that exists between Tina and Mike.

The healthy habits are important as they often help when it comes to the reduction of cardiovascular diseases. It is important to understand that indeed many people between the age of 40-60 years are often at risk of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, it is of the essence to note that indeed the healthy habits of Tina helps to remove her from this group and makes her less vulnerable to these diseases. It is important to note that indeed there is a need got the relationships to grow between Tina and the children given the fact that is currently the primary care giver in the household.

This can be done by giving more attention to the children; she should realize that she is now the father as well as the mother of the children. They therefore, look for her when they need emotional support as well as other material things. This is a fact that she should not forget as it is indeed her primary role. She should make sure that she creates habits that enable the building of relationships with her family and Mike.


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