Aviation Essay Examples

Ever since I was a young kid I have always been interested with aircraft. I

was so curious of how airplane's fly. I remember taking my toys apart to see

how it works. As a kid I wanted to go to the airport to watch the airplanes

land and fly and pondered how this happens. Other kids wanted to go to the

amusement places. As I grew older I became more and more interested in

aircraft and the technology behind it. I always involved myself with aviation

early on. I read books and magazines on aviation, took museum tours, built

model airplanes. When I was younger my father would take me to aircraft

repair facilities where I would watch in great fascination. In my teens, went

up to the military bases and befriended many soldiers involved with aircraft

and asked them numerous questions. I got to meet many aeronautics engineers

and borrowed their old textbooks and read them till the wee hours of the

morning. As technology improved with information superhighway, I logged on

the web. Stayed up for hours and hours searching through web pages and web

pages of information about aircraft and technology.

I started my elementary school in the Philippines, then we moved to U.S. and

continued my high school education and graduated. Enrolled at the CCSF to

pursue my college education and now I am in the 2nd year in CCSF taking

aeronautics. My goal now is to obtain my AS degree from the City College of

San Francisco (CCSF) so I can transfer to a University and get a Bachelors

degree and to continue for my Masters degree in Aeronautics Engineering. I

will strive hard to reach the peak level of my career which is a Professor

and hopefully to be an aeronautic professor so can help and share my

knowledge and experience to the new students who wish to be an aeronautics

engineer someday. I completed 62 units from CCSF so far. Currently, I'm

taking 21 units. With my hard work in doing my homework and submitted on

time; studied hard and gained higher grades on my tests; and did extra

credits, I was able to earned a GPA 4.0 last semester `and I was included on

the current dean's list in aeronautics. I received an achievement award for

this presented in the Chancellor's Award Ceremony last December 1998 in CCSF.

I have also been accepted to the CCSF honors program and was invited to be a

member of the Omega Chapter of Alpha Gamma Sigma, the California Community

College Honor Society. After these achievements, I became more motivated in

my studies and it helped me strive hard to aim for a perfect grades hoping to

get on the scholarship program.

When we first move to the U.S. my family as a whole encountered so many

problems. All the sacrifices we encountered and until now we are still

struggling to live a better life. Being my mother as the only breadwinner in

the family, we suffered so much financially. At one time when my mother lost

her job, I had to quit school and find a job so I can help my family. At

early age, I experienced relocating to San Francisco worked two to three jobs

getting paid at a minimum wage which at that time it was not enough for us to

live. We couldn't even afford to rent an apartment. We ended up living in a

car, or with relatives and moved around few times just to get a free room and

board. Quitting school was the last thing on my mind, but I had no other

choice. I thought this was the end of my education. After doing foul and

dead-end jobs I told myself; "This is not what I want to do all my life. This

was not my Future." I would never give up until I am somebody someday. I

still believe that good things happen to those who sacrifice or wait

patiently. I became a very strong person and practical. I was too young then

for that kind of work but it helped me to have goals in life. It opened my

eyes that this would not be the kind of life I want to have. I became

motivated to pursue my studies. I promised myself that I will continue my

education soon as we get stable, so I can improve our lifestyle and can

provide a better life for my mother, my sister and for myself and my own

family in the future. I also promised myself that I would never let this

happen to my family again.

Then luckily my mother found a better job than before. Financial still not

good, it is a struggle to support my sister and me. Being a single parent and

a widower, it's full of sacrifices but I'm willing to sacrifice just to get

myself back to school. After my father's sudden dead recently in his 50s. I

decided to change the course of my life. I re-entered school full time last

year and I'm planning to continue full time hopefully, until I finish my

degree. I am hoping and praying for my mother to have a good health and for

her job to be stable until I can graduate. If I don't finish school and if I

don't strive for my very best I would be nothing to this world and will not

open new door to my life. Inspite of financial hardship, I am proud of myself

that I stayed strong and challenge the cruel world. I have two brothers who

dropped out of school and did not go back at all. They have engaged in risky

behavior and involved themselves with alcohol and drugs. I have seen young

adults at my age that lost interest in life because of poverty and

misfortune, instead they engaged in dangerous activities such alcohol, drugs,

gangs and continued to become a headache in the community and society. I want

to make my life better and to live with a good quality life in the future. As

of now, I have the highest education in our family members and hoping I will

be the most successful one in the future. No one in my family finished

school. Including all my cousins, uncles and aunts. With this hardship I'm

going through I want to make a difference in my life. I would be the first

one in my family to finish school and that's my goal. I would like to be a

role model for my younger sister specially and also to all my younger

cousins, nieces, nephews, and to all the young kids out there to never give

up hope. Someday, I will reach my destination in life when I earn my degree

and from there it will open up new doors and opportunities with so many good

possibilities to offer for my family and me. My mother will be very proud

seeing me at the edge of the world very successful. I'm doing this for her

and for my father, God rest his soul wherever he is and for myself.

After my graduation, I will find a better job to support my mother and my

younger sister. My other goal is to give my mother and my sister a better

life than what we have now. They deserve the best and I would like to offer

that to them when I finish my education. I believe nothing is impossible in

this world as long you are determined to make it possible.

Human Factors In Aviation

How important are human factors in aviation? Is it true that one worker in a state of stress or fatigue can cause hundreds of deaths? These questions can be answered when you understand what exactly human factors in aviation are and what kind of effect they may have.

The term “human factors” is complex and covers the science of understanding the specifics of a great number of subjects (including psychology, industrial design, anthropometry, statistics, and engineering), the application of this understanding to different fields (development, design, etc.) and the art of applying human factor principles to the working environment. Human error is the most troublesome of all human factors. The fact that over 80% of accidents are caused by these unintentional actions increased the interest towards studying human factors and their actual role in aviation.

Human factors can be roughly divided into two categories, depending on the person’s position. Pilots, crew and air traffic controllers form the first category. These people are directly responsible for the process of flight and landing. Their possible mistakes include inability to keep control of a plane, choosing a dangerous route, and incorrectly performed maneuvers.

The second category includes people responsible for design and maintenance of a plane. There are many factors that influence this group. The first of them is people who do the job. Their physical and psychological conditions, as well as their capabilities, determine the probability of errors. The second important factor is the environment where people work. It includes both the physical environment that surrounds the worker and theorganizational environment (safety, profitability, communication within the organization, etc.). Actions of the workers are also considered one of the important human factors. They include the actions that people actually do and the instructions that they must follow. The final component of human factors is resources that people rely on or produce when working. All these factors are closely interrelated and studied as a group. A single deviation from the strictly defined norm in one of them can trigger a chain reaction that may lead to a serious accident.

Human factors play an extremely important part in aviation. In this field, a manager’s mistake that will cause stress to a worker can be as deadly as an engineer’s miscalculation. This is why all these factors must be studied and controlled. Avoiding human error is impossible. Therefore the main objective in this case is to catch and fix it before any serious incidents occur.

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