Pol 303 Week 3 Assignment

Running Head: OUTLINE2I. Introduction1. The Constitutional justification of the ACA under the Commerce clause has reignited debate surrounding the meaning of the Constitution as it pertains to the federal right to regulate commerce2. Statistics surrounding how many pieces of legislation are justified under the Commerce Clause today compared to at the founding of the country.3. Thesis: This paper will analyze the regulation of commerce from the perspective of federal implications as well from the perspective of civil rights and civil liberties issuesII. Federal implications of allowing the ACA under the Commerce Clause are sweeping 1. Legislative history of the ACA a. Original attempts to socialize medicine in America b. Efforts under Clinton Administration c. Successful push by Obama Administration2. Implications of the ACA with regard to federalism a. State level implications b. Federal level implications 3.

Running Head: EFFECTIVE PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS2IntroductionThe sole purpose of a performance appraisal is to evaluate an employees’ performance as accurately as possible. Performance appraisal concentrates on identifying, measuring and developing job performance standards of employees within an organization. The outcome of these appraisals serves as a report card and are compared to the employee’s peers. Performance appraisals more than often increase employee performance; especially when done correctly and in a timely fashion. If done properly and impartially employees help advance the mission and theobjectives of the organization. Appraisals can be stressful for the employee and managers, because managers have different approaches and management styles when conducting evaluations. “Rater motivation poses a significant issue because the ways in which raters respondto various motivating or demotivating forces while conducting performance appraisals may significantly affect the accuracy of those appraisals.” (Park 2014 pg. 389) Organizations also

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