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Here I have wrote the earthquake in Pakistan essay in English with headings for all level classes. Studnts of Matric, Intermediate and bachelors level can now prepare this essay for their exams. This essay is very important about paper point of view because this is not only an essay but it has became an issue mostly for tribal area of Pakistan. In Peshawar and KPK sides this essay is mostly falling in exams because there the earthquake ratio is rising as compare to previous records. So if you are living in these areas or you are anywhere from Pakistan and want to get prepare this essay for your exams then keep on reading from below heading…

Earthquake In Pakistan Essay In English

Earthquake is a natural disaster that can measure after it is happened but still there is no any technology that can forecast the earthquake before it happens. Almost every year in Pakistan one earthquake must come on big scale that left a huge damages such as on 8th October, 2015 an earthquake comes which the radiation of speed was above 7.6. since that time to now there are huge earthquakes comes in Pakistan which are in-listed here below of this passage. Do you want to know the detailed history of some of the important earthquakes in Pakistan? How much damage they give out and at what scale they were felt?

List of Earthquakes in Pakistan:

  1. 1 February 1929 – Between Buner and Hazara in the North West Frontier Province, Pakistan: It occurred just north of Abbotabad at around 10:45 pm local time. It reached a maximum RF intensity of 8.
  2. 25 August 1931 – Sharigh in Balochistan, Pakistan: It reached a maximum RF intensity of 8. It had a very low focal depth and cracked the majority of the mud houses in the region.
  3. 27 August 1931 – Mach in Balochistan, Pakistan: It was known out to be the second earthquake within two days to hit the same region. It reaches a maximum RF value of more than 8. It was felt in much of Balochistan and Sindh. Many people were killed in Quetta.
  4. 30 May 1935 – Quetta: Almost 30,000 people were killed and the city of Quetta was shocked. The main shock was felt in the small region surrounding the epicentre.
  5. 21 November 1939 – Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan: It was felt all the way through north-eastern Afghanistan and much of northern Pakistan and northern India. Its intensity reached VIII while in place such as Gilgit, Drosh and Srinagar. It was felt in the North-West Frontier Province (N.W.F.P.), Pakistan. It was also felt in Jammu & Kashmir and northern parts of the Punjab, India.
  6. 27 November 1945 – Off the Makran Coast Balochistan, Pakistan: At least 2000 people killed in southern Pakistan and neighbouring Iran. Damage was found at Ormara. Tsunami wave heights of 6 meters and 2 meters respectively appeared too.
  7. 5 August 1947 – Off the Makran CoastBalochistan, Pakistan: Almost 5000 fatalities were caused by this quake.
  8. 30 December 1983 – Hindukush Mountains, Afghanistan: 12 killed and damage in the Kabul-Samangan area. 14 were dead in Peshawar, Pakistan. Shocks were felt in the northwestern Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, northern Pakistan and northern India.
  9. 29 July 1985 – Hindukush Mountains, Afghanistan: 5 killed in the districts of Chitral and Swat, Pakistan. It was felt much in the Afghanistan all along with New Delhi, India and Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
  10. 2000 Swat, Pakistan: It was one of the biggest earthquakes that were experienced in Pakistan. It was felt just for few seconds just it ruined each single corner of Pakistan. It felt much in Swat where many houses were destroyed.

So these some of the important earthquakes that takes place in Pakistan since the last few years!

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Essay on earthquake pakistan

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